New Album Has Gone To The Factory

I love digital music. The idea that I can listen immediately to pretty much any song I like via sites like Spotify and YouTube still blows my mind a little bit. However, having said that, I am old enough to remember CDs and dare I say, records and cassettes too. And so, I am very excited today as I have just sent off artwork and audio to the CD manufacturer so that they can make actual CDs of the new Distance Of Hope album.

Although this will be my 4th album, I only have actual CDs of two of those now and it still makes me feel very happy having those in my CD collection, so I’m looking forward to adding another to my album collection.

As with every album I have made, although writing the songs is very much a solo endeavour, recording the album is very much a joint effort and I am fortunate to have some talented friends who have got involved to make this the album I wanted to make.

So, muchas gracias a Gary, Andy, Denise, Fred, Herman, Juliet, Rob, Carmen, Antonio, Antonio DJ, Joe, Alvaro, Maria José, Mike, Rob C, James and Grace for invaluable support, musical contributions and love. The album was mixed and produced by me and Gary Brady, who also mastered the album. Cover photography by Antonio and cover artwork by Rob Chandler.

And a very special gracias to Louise for her support, patience and now singing – it only took 18 years to convince to sing on this album!

PS Like the album cover?

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