Listen To My Spanish Song On The New Album

I’ve always enjoyed learning languages and writing/recording songs, so on my previous album ‘Departures’ by Blue Angel, I decided to bite the bullet and record my first song in Spanish called ‘La Conexión’. Listen here…

When it came to pick songs for my new album ‘The Ghosts Of Granada’ by Distance Of Hope, I chose 13 out of about 25 songs and after living in Spain for more than 5 years, I thought that at least one of them had to be in Spanish.

After trying to include some kind of flamenco twist to one song in particular, I had a melody and chord sequence all ready to go, but was unusually stuck for a lyrical idea which had always been so easy previously. Maybe it’s because I’d already decided to write this one in Spanish.

I contacted Alvaro, one of my friends from when I lived in Granada who had previously experessed interest in songwriting and after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, we came up with ‘Si Pudiese Ser Yo Mismo’ (If I Could Be Myself). Listen below.

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