Listen To My Spanish Song On The New Album

I've always enjoyed learning languages and writing/recording songs, so on my previous album 'Departures' by Blue Angel, I decided to bite the bullet and record my first song in Spanish called 'La Conexión'. Listen here... When it came to pick songs for my new album 'The Ghosts Of Granada' by Distance Of Hope, I chose... Continue Reading →

CDs In Stock

For those who prefer their music a bit more old-school, I also have CDs of the Distance Of Hope album for a very reasonable price. Message me for details... Para ellos que prefieren su música de la vieja escuela, ya tengo CDs del nuevo disco por Distance Of Hope para un precio muy razonable. Envíame... Continue Reading →

The Album Is Out Today!

A lot of blood, sweat, tears and a bit of vermouth and the new Distance Of Hope album 'The Ghosts Of Granada' is finally out! But where can I get this creative masterpiece you ask? All the usual digital outlets and I also have a batch of CDs for those who prefer things more old-school.... Continue Reading →

New Album Has Gone To The Factory

I love digital music. The idea that I can listen immediately to pretty much any song I like via sites like Spotify and YouTube still blows my mind a little bit. However, having said that, I am old enough to remember CDs and dare I say, records and cassettes too. And so, I am very... Continue Reading →

With A Little Help From My Friends

Writing and recording can be a lonely process at times, so it's always nice when talented friends pop by to help out. Thanks to Denise, Fred, Andy, Juliet, Rob and Pepe for their help. And a special thanks to Grandmaster Gary Brady who has helped out yet again with his endless patience and incredible technical... Continue Reading →

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